Aerospace Technology

Digital tools - global successes in a new dimension

Safety-relevant, expensive components, narrow tolerances for the finish machining of bores, right up to the final machining operation: aerospace travel presents tools with the most exacting requirements of all. Our digital tools get you reliably and economically to the precise dimension you require. 

We are the world's only manufacturer to offer finish machining tools with continuous digital traverse measurement from Ø 3 - 3,255 mm. Since 2003, our customers have appreciated the rapid, precise and convenient digital adjustment of our DigiBore precision boring tool. Now with automatic balancing facility and tools in lightweight Alu-Line construction from Ø 65 mm, Wohlhaupter is consistently further developing the digital precision adjustment of the Balance series. The new precision boring tool from the 537 digital series also offers the advantage of µ-accurate digital tool adjustment from Ø 100 - 3,255 mm. Innovations that get you where you want to go, faster.


Rotor head (titanium)