Energy Production

Reliability on a large scale

Maximum flexibility, process reliability, "Made in Germany"! For the diverse requirements of the energy industry, you can get exactly the right high-precision tool solution from us - in large sizes, too.

Internal machining from Ø 100 to 3,255 mm – the range of slides from Wohlhaupter permits boring in larger sizes, with numerous benefits, including high quality of the bore in the shortest machining time. With Alu-Line lightweight tools, Wohlhaupter is setting new standards in weight reduction. This way, large tools can also be integrated in the production process – and with simple handling and maximum precision.

Uncompromising high-end technology: Modular, flexible, highly efficient, with first-class advice and worldwide service. We are the system supplier you need to forge ahead with your large-scale energy projects.


Planet carrier (GGG70)