Customized Solutions

Precisely tailor-made for maximum efficiency and process reliability 

Where the most stringent machining requirements have to be satisfied, our individual, customized solutions are the first choice. All over the world. Wohlhaupter special boring bars stand out from the crowd with exceptional stability, precision and modularity - and the power advantages of our MultiBore tools. 

Every new solution is based on our decades of experience in boring operations. Innovative tool technology with maximum precision, which sets new performance benchmarks in many industries and areas of application. The use of standard replaceable inserts delivers the utmost flexibility. 

The tools have been specially developed by our design engineers, are mostly modular in construction and are always perfectly adapted to the manufacturing process and the workpiece. For example, our PKD tools with polycrystalline diamond achieve a longer tool life, shorter machining times and high process reliability, even with highly machining-resistant materials.