Boring tools for rough machining

Rough machining, chamfering, reverse machining, circular milling, axial grooving - MultiBore serrated bodies, combined with various insert holders, provide the greatest variability in machining. Wohlhaupter offers the widest range for premachining bores. 


  • Boring range Ø 19.5 - 3255 mm
  • Serrated tool body with ground serrated body
  • A wide variety of different insert holders for rough machining, chamfering, axial grooving and reverse machining guarantees a wide diversity of applications
  • Insert holders for level or height-staggered machining
  • Use of manufacturer-independent ISO replaceable inserts is possible
  • Boring range 200 - 3255 mm with slides in aluminum lightweight construction

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Chapter C Rough machining
 Accessories / Spare parts / Service keys
Accessories / Spare parts
General accessories

Ø 19.5 - 29.5 mm Twin cutter tools

Ø 29 - 205 mm Twin cutter tools

Ø 20 - 45 mm Chamfering tools

Ø 21 - 70 mm Grooving tools for circular milling

Ø 20 - 205 mm Axial grooving tools

Ø 29 - 245 mm Tools for reverse machining