Boring tools Ø 200 - 3255 mm

For the past ten years, Wohlhaupter has continued to raise the bar in the internal machining of large bores with the Alu-Line series. Wohlhaupter has used existing product and system expertise to redesign the standard tools of the series Flex of Ø 500 - 3255 mm and seamlessly integrated it by adding it on to the Alu-Line tools of the series Eco of Ø 200 - 500 mm. Wohlhaupter therefore offers not only one of the largest, but also one of the most powerful and flexible tool ranges in the world for these bore sizes. 

This allows even the smallest slide with a boring range of Ø 500 - 780 mm to be used. Four base slides and four serrated slides alone cover the entire boring range of Ø 500 - 3255 mm. The serrated slides fit each of the four base slides, which make optimum combinations possible for whatever the current requirements demand. 

The Wohlhaupter MultiBore system also includes a wide selection of insert holders and precision boring tools 337 or 537 digital: rough and finish machining or the combined rough and finish machining Combi-Line - all this included with just one investment. 

With the tools of the series Basic D40 Wohlhaupter is adding lean, high-performance slides to its product range. This Basic D 40 slide range allows turning to be performed up to Ø 840 mm on lower-power machines: simple and flexible in use.

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Chapter F Boring tools Ø 7.87'' - 128.14'' (Ø 200 - 3255 mm)
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