Slide Alu-Line Eco D60 349006


Description: Slide Alu-Line Eco D60
D740-1020 X=110
Order-No. (Metric): 349006
Weight: 18 kg
Surface treatment: nickel-plated
Group: Basic and serrated slides

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Attention! This article is a single component and can´t be used for machining without further accessories.
Use the link 'Complete tools' to access the possible combinations.

250026Single cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F104 A780-1060 X=160mm
250027Single cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F104 A815-1095 X=160mm
347019Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F104 A740-1020 X=185mm
347020Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F105 A740-1020 X=185mm
347023Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F113 A740-1020 X=185mm
347024Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F114 A740-1020 X=185mm
347040Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F134 A740-1020 X=115mm
347047Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F123 A740-1020 X=185mm
347048Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F124 A740-1020 X=185mm
347054Twin cutter tool Alu-LineD60 F104 A740-1020 X=185mm
351036Precision boring tool Alu-LineD60 F20 A740-1020 X=185mm
351037Precision boring tool Alu-LineD60 F21 A740-1020 X=185mm
351038Precision boring tool Alu-LineD60 F101 A740-1020 X=185mm
351039Precision boring tool Alu-LineD60 F103 A740-1020 X=185mm
351040Precision boring tool Alu-LineD60 F161 A740-1020 X=185mm
403057Combi-LineD60 F103 A740-1020 X=185mm
403058Combi-LineD60 F103 A740-1020 X=185mm

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