Intermediate modules

The wide selection of intermediate modules on offer means the tool can be modified to suit the exact requirements of any machining task. 

The right choice of intermediate modules ensures a high degree of tool stability. 

For the best possible results when working with a diameter-to-length ratio over 1:5, we recommend intermediate modules made either of heavy metal or solid carbide which have special vibration damping properties. 

NOVITECH Vibration dampened intermediate modules

Long overhanging tools are indispensable for many boring operations; but these are often susceptible to vibration, which in turn has an effect on the processing quality. To ensure optimum machining results, Wohlhaupter has therefore developed new vibration-dampened intermediate modules with the new series NOVITECH. Inside the patent-pending NOVITECH system is a viscoelastically mounted damper module, which reduces vibrations during the machining of diameters up to 205 mm. Thus, the NOVITECH products are much more efficient than other commercially available systems, which are equipped with a pure vibration absorber made.

Wohlhaupter intermediate modules with precision balancing 

Tools and tool spindles are being designed for ever higher speeds resulting in higher requirements for balancing quality. The residual imbalance relating to the complete tool for various balance quality stages Q in relation to the operating speed is easily achievable with the balancing set screws screwed from outside into Wohlhaupter extension pieces, reducers, adapters and tool bodies. As a result, the additional fitting of balancing pieces is frequently unnecessary.

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NOVITECH Vibration dampened intermediate modules


Order-No. (Metric)Description
219034Reducer balanced MVS25-14 MVS19.5-11 X=30mm
219035Reducer balanced MVS25-14 MVS22-11 X=30mm
219037Reducer balanced MVS32-18 MVS25-14 X=30mm
219036Reducer balanced MVS32-18 MVS22-11 X=12mm
219039Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS25-14 X=30mm
219040Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS32-18 X=30mm
219038Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS22-11 X=12mm
119012Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219086Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219032Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219088Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS40-22 X=100mm
119059Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS63-36 X=50mm
219030Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=119mm
219087Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS40-22 X=40mm
219085Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=49mm
219052Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS22-11 X=54mm
219041Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS22-11 X=14mm
119094Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=14mm
219051Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS19.5-11 X=54mm
119054Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119010Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=119mm
119055Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119064Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
119067Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=150mm
219091Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=40mm
119096Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
219092Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=100mm
119097Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
319015Reducer Alu-Line MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
219033Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
319014Reducer Alu-Line MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
119025Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
219042Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS22-11 X=14mm
119021Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
119095Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=14mm
219054Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS22-11 X=54mm
219053Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS19.5-11 X=54mm
119061Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119060Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=59mm
219090Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219089Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=49mm
119019Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=119mm
219031Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=119mm
319012Reducer Alu-Line MVS80-36 MVS63-36 X=50mm
119098Reducer balanced MVS80-36 MVS63-36 X=50mm
319013Reducer Alu-Line MVS100-56 MVS80-36 X=70mm
219066Reducer balanced MVS100-56 MVS80-36 X=70mm


Order-No. (Metric)Description
219043Extension balanced MVS19.5-11 X=40mm
219044Extension balanced MVS22-11 X=40mm
219068Extension balanced MVS25-14 X=25mm
119001Extension balanced MVS25-14 X=40mm
119002Extension balanced MVS32-18 X=40mm
119003Extension balanced MVS40-22 X=40mm
319021Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=40mm
119004Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=40mm
319022Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=75mm
219082Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=75mm
319023Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=100mm
119058Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=100mm
319002Extension Alu-Line MVS63-36 X=50mm
119005Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=50mm
219083Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=75mm
119065Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=125mm
319003Extension Alu-Line MVS63-36 X=125mm
319004Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=50mm
119006Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=50mm
319016Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=75mm
219084Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=75mm
319005Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=125mm
119066Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=125mm
219094Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=200mm
319017Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=200mm
319006Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=275mm
119069Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=275mm
219095Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=75mm
319019Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=75mm
319007Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=100mm
219061Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=100mm
319018Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=150mm
219096Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=150mm
319008Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=200mm
219062Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=200mm
319009Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=300mm
219063Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=300mm

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