Extension balanced 219062

Description: Extension balanced
MVS100-56 X=200mm
Order-No. (Metric): 219062
Weight: 10,26 kg
Residual imbalance: ≤ 10 gmm/kg
Surface treatment: blackened
Balancing with screws: yes
Group: Extensions

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Order-No. (Metric)Description
219034Reducer balanced MVS25-14 MVS19.5-11 X=30mm
219035Reducer balanced MVS25-14 MVS22-11 X=30mm
219037Reducer balanced MVS32-18 MVS25-14 X=30mm
219036Reducer balanced MVS32-18 MVS22-11 X=12mm
219039Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS25-14 X=30mm
219040Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS32-18 X=30mm
219038Reducer balanced MVS40-22 MVS22-11 X=12mm
119012Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219086Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219032Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219088Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS40-22 X=100mm
119059Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS63-36 X=50mm
219030Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=119mm
219087Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS40-22 X=40mm
219085Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS32-18 X=49mm
219052Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS22-11 X=54mm
219041Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS22-11 X=14mm
119094Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=14mm
219051Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS19.5-11 X=54mm
119054Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119010Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=119mm
119055Reducer balanced MVS50-28 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119064Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
119067Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=150mm
219091Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=40mm
119096Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
219092Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS40-22 X=100mm
119097Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
319015Reducer Alu-Line MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
219033Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
319014Reducer Alu-Line MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=40mm
119025Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS50-28 X=100mm
219042Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS22-11 X=14mm
119021Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
119095Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=14mm
219054Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS22-11 X=54mm
219053Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS19.5-11 X=54mm
119061Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=59mm
119060Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=59mm
219090Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=109mm
219089Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS32-18 X=49mm
119019Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=119mm
219031Reducer balanced MVS63-36 MVS25-14 X=119mm
319012Reducer Alu-Line MVS80-36 MVS63-36 X=50mm
119098Reducer balanced MVS80-36 MVS63-36 X=50mm
319013Reducer Alu-Line MVS100-56 MVS80-36 X=70mm
219066Reducer balanced MVS100-56 MVS80-36 X=70mm


Order-No. (Metric)Description
219043Extension balanced MVS19.5-11 X=40mm
219044Extension balanced MVS22-11 X=40mm
219068Extension balanced MVS25-14 X=25mm
119001Extension balanced MVS25-14 X=40mm
119002Extension balanced MVS32-18 X=40mm
119003Extension balanced MVS40-22 X=40mm
319021Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=40mm
119004Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=40mm
319022Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=75mm
219082Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=75mm
319023Extension Alu-Line MVS50-28 X=100mm
119058Extension balanced MVS50-28 X=100mm
319002Extension Alu-Line MVS63-36 X=50mm
119005Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=50mm
219083Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=75mm
119065Extension balanced MVS63-36 X=125mm
319003Extension Alu-Line MVS63-36 X=125mm
319004Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=50mm
119006Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=50mm
319016Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=75mm
219084Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=75mm
319005Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=125mm
119066Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=125mm
219094Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=200mm
319017Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=200mm
319006Extension Alu-Line MVS80-36 X=275mm
119069Extension balanced MVS80-36 X=275mm
219095Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=75mm
319019Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=75mm
319007Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=100mm
219061Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=100mm
319018Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=150mm
219096Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=150mm
319008Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=200mm
219062Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=200mm
319009Extension Alu-Line MVS100-56 X=300mm
219063Extension balanced MVS100-56 X=300mm

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