New Products

NOVITECH - Efficient machining results thanks to new vibration-dampened intermediate modules

With the NOVITECH series, Wohlhaupter is now introducing intermediate modules for high-precision and economical boring operations up to 10xD. NOVITECH was developed to increase productivity, surface quality and process reliability of boring operations, as well as extending the life expectancy of the tool and spindle of the machining center. 

  • Machining-Ø 50 – 205 mm
  • Patent pending

Our Highlights - Your Benefits

  • Intermediate modules for machining up to 10xD
  • Efficient machining results through the viscoelastically mounted damper module
  • Modular construction with MVS connection
  • Existing Wohlhaupter components can be used
  • Increased productivity, surface quality and process reliability
  • Extended range of the cutting data
  • Increased tool and spindle life