Replaceable Inserts

The Wohlhaupter replaceable inserts range: extensive and always up to date

Wohlhaupter is an independent supplier of indexable carbide, maintaining an extensive and technically strong replaceable insert program for its modular tool systems which are known throughout the world. In contrast to manufacturers of cutting materials who operate globally, Wohlhaupter can react rapidly to new trends in machining and offer a totally flexible program that is always up to date.

This program is made up of replaceable inserts to Wohlhaupter specifications which are specially matched to precision holemaking and of the best established replaceable inserts on the market. 

The last-mentioned replaceable inserts were designed by the individual manufacturers principally for turning, which involves totally different machining conditions than precision holemaking. So only those replaceable inserts were selected which promised and could demonstrate in extensive tests special suitability for all aspects of boring with respect to their geometric characteristics in the area of the nose radius, the form of the edge preparation and their suitability for the particular cutting material. 

As the result of close technological cooperation with the suppliers and constant machining tests internally and externally, the existing range is constantly updated, amended and revised. This ensures that up to date cutting materials and geometries are always available.

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